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Row, Row, Row Your Boat
[Diatonic Harmonica Tab]

The songs and tabs at Harmonica Instruction.com range in level from beginning to intermediate to more advanced. This song tab is designed for a standard 10-hole diatonic harmonica, sometimes referred to as blues harp or short harp. If you would like to learn techniques like Single Notes, Hand Effects, Bending, Breathing, Tongue Blocking, and much more, become a Member at Harmonica Lessons.com for over 175 SONGS & TABS !!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Visit Harmonica Store.com's Song & Tab Books page for books of kids songs, hymns, Bob Dylan, folk, and many others.
  • "Tabs" (or Tablature) defined- Tabs are a simplified way to notate harmonica solos, harmonica parts, melodies and songs, without having to formally read music. Directly below is an example of our tab system.

    The Harmonica Lessons.com tab system
    The "Tab" system.

  • The timing for the tabs is not included, but is important- If you don't know the harmonica part or melody well, the notes may be correct, but without proper timing, the song may be hard to recognize.

    If you would like the complete music for piano (or guitar) with chords and timing included, visit Harmonica Store.com for song, tab, and "fake" books that include numerous artists and styles of music.

  • Playing problems for songs with high notes or low draw notes- If you are having problems with the high blow and draw notes on holes 7-10 or lower draw notes like hole 2 draw, check out the Breathing section at Harmonica Lessons.com for info on how to correct the problem. Generally speaking, songs with a lot of high notes will sound better on lower keyed diatonic harmonicas like the keys of "G" and "A".

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